Our Team and Culture

No matter what department we work in, each Agora employee is obsessed with providing the very best customer experience. We work hard to earn and keep our customers’ trust.


We insist on the highest standards from ourselves and from our colleagues, and are passionate about providing the best products and services to our most important stakeholders, our customers.


The Publishing Team

Chris Trimble

Chris Trimble

Managing Director

Chris joined Agora as Managing Director in 2018. An experienced editor, he has led the company through a significant change process, transforming it from traditional print newsletter publisher into the modern, full-service provider it is today. Chris is obsessed with increasing value for customers and making it as easy as possible for them to connect with help and advice from the leading experts in the regulatory compliance field.

Niki Haunch

Niki Haunch

Head of Publishing

Coming from an academic publishing background, Niki joined Agora in 2013. A publishing professional, with experience of working across a broad spectrum of subject areas from the life sciences to business and management, Niki is firmly committed to providing best-in-class products. She relishes working with our Expert Team of authors, editors and reviewers, and is always looking to improve the customer’s experience of Agora’s products.

Emma Dobson

Emma Dobson

Head of Marketing

Emma joined Agora in 2014, holding positions such as Publishing Assistant, Product Manager and Publishing Manager before becoming Head of Marketing. She has an all-round understanding of the business and is always keen to be involved in new projects from improving customer experience to hosting online workshops. Emma is committed to customers and driven by ensuring they are provided with high-quality, expert information they can trust.

Abi Whitaker

Abi Whitaker

Publishing Assistant

Abi joined Agora in 2021 after completing her MA in Publishing and Contemporary Literature. As Publishing Assistant, she has a wide range of responsibilities from proofreading our publications to enabling our online workshops to run smoothly. Abi is dedicated to ensuring Agora’s products always provide customers with actionable advice and jargon-free information they can rely on.

Part of a Global Publishing Family

About VNR

Agora is the UK branch of family-run VNR Publishing Group (VNR) which was founded in 1975. VNR is the eighth largest specialist information publisher in Germany, headquartered in Bonn. VNR has 7 international offices and approximately 500 employees worldwide.

VNR’s Mission

By providing actionable, expert knowledge, VNR’s mission is to ensure their customers’ success in both their personal as well as their professional lives.

VNR’s Products

To enable their mission, VNR’s products include print and digital publications, workflow solutions, e-learning and consultancy services. They are keen to partner with subscription businesses, both at home and internationally, through their innovative service, platform X. This digital platform comprises solutions for marketing, BI and data management, payment and billing, fulfilment and product development. For further information, click here.

VNR’s Culture

What makes VNR unique is their employees’ entrepreneurial approach, engendered within all levels of the organisation. Every team member puts customers at the heart of their decision-making, is empowered to implement decisions quickly and take full ownership. VNR’s renowned career development programme shows their commitment to find, develop and retain entrepreneurial talent within their business.