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Our aim is always to provide the very best service for our customers, making their experience of dealing with Agora as easy and as transparent as possible.


From more than 300k satisfied customers, we have compiled just a few of the many reviews we have received. If you would like to get in touch and tell us of your experience of our products and services, then let us know here


“I have found Health & Safety Adviser not only to be very informative but also an exceptional prompting tool for items that may have fallen off the radar. Its concise no-nonsense approach makes for easy reading and I would recommend the publication to anyone in a Health and Safety role. I have started to use the downloadable information that is easily accessible and this has saved a great deal of time producing checklists, policies, etc. I have recently used the editorial helpdesk for guidance on a subject and was very impressed with the timely response and the detail that was included. The best recommendation I can give is that I will be continue to use this product…. well done.”

David Wade, Health & Safety Adviser, Millfield School

“Having raised the H & S Performance at all sites in the Group, with the help from contracted consultants and training, we considered that we could proceed without the consultants, however, there would always be occasions when I needed to have another source of advice to ensure that I had not missed something significant that could make all the difference when informing the Board. Being a standalone Safety Adviser within a Group of high risk sites I need to be confident that I have had professional and competent advice. I am very pleased to say that the support I have received from the Health & Safety Adviser and, especially the Editorial Helpdesk has been invaluable. I have found the quality of the advice and speed of the written response excellent. The publication and website are excellent and very reasonably priced. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who may have H&S responsibilities within their organisation.”

Ian Kidd, Group QHSE Manager and DGSA, Potter Logistics

“I attended the Line Manager Training: How to Handle Difficult Conversations Workshop on 26.01.22. I really enjoyed listening to the advice and guidance Jodie gave. It was very informative and would like to attend further workshops.”

Julie Sage, Office Manager, JNG Construction & Engineering Ltd

“This year I changed from my longstanding health & safety update publication to Health & Safety Adviser, having run the two alongside each other for a trial period. Working for a SME in the contract pharmaceutical business, on a restricted budget for information, training and reference materials, this publication and its affiliated website and advisory service have proved far superior. The monthly newsletters and regular Special Issues are attractively presented, with topical information laid out in an easy to read and understandable format. Similarly, the downloadable policies, checklists and toolbox talks, etc. are invaluable timesavers. Health & Safety Adviser definitely sorts the wood from the trees!

“Probably the most impressive feature, for such a reasonably priced subscription, I have found the quality of the advice and the speed of the written response from the Editorial Helpdesk invaluable. Quite simply, an excellent publication with great add-ons. I would recommend it to both seasoned H&S professionals and anyone who may have H&S responsibilities within their organisation. “

Shelagh O'Sullivan, Health & Safety Coordinator, Pharmaserve Ltd

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful I find Health & Safety Adviser. I look after a mixture of properties in different towns (retail, commercial and residential) and each property can throw up its own challenge. It could be ensuring that your contractors provide satisfactory Method Statements and abide by them or it could be encouraging staff at remote locations to adopt a better attitude with regard to health and safety. For example, certain articles help me to have a better understanding of what is required from contractors we appoint and indeed from us as landlords, and others I can circulate to staff to help them appreciate the importance of training, using the correct PPE etc., I also find Your Questions and Answers particularly helpful and informative. Makes me realise I am not out there on my own!”

Sue Maszkowski, Property & Facilities Manager, Town Centre Securities PLC

“As a senior HR professional I have been using HR Adviser for several years. I would recommend anyone working in the “people management” field to join HR Adviser. The advice, support and the products which are available at your fingertips is outstanding. The information is up to date, very in-depth and reliable.

“I must also add that the Agora Business Publications customer service provided by Anne and Neil has been excellent! I would grade both Anne and Neil very high (A++) because they have been most helpful and very proactive in their delivery of service.

“HR Adviser is “a must have resource” for the HR Professional.”

Mick Placzek LLM, Chartered FCIPD, FinstLM, HR Business Partner, TROX UK Ltd

“We have used Agora for over 3 years now… their H&S publications and all their downloadable risk assessments etc. are greatly helpful also we have used their Ask the Experts on occasions and always get a quick response.”

Steve Forbes, QA / H&S Manager, Silverline

“I should like to thank you and your team for the service you provide. I always look forward to reading your publications as there is invariably relevant and interesting subject matter which is helpful and thought-provoking – keep up the good work!”

Alastair Cunningham, Managing Director, Cunningham Consulting

“There are always useful tips and good documentation that can be incorporated into any home that is struggling for compliance. The magazine is well designed so that it is easy to cherry-pick which section you require.”

Sally Bonfield, Care Home Consultant

“The service, content and information presentation is really good I have found so much support in the articles and documents. The [Ask the Experts] section has been excellent with quick replies and good advice. Money well spent.”

Frank Hibberd

“This is a really pleasant company to work with and certainly worth giving a chance to show you what they do. I found their staff to be polite and helpful and would recommend their services. Cheers!”

Ben O'Hanlon, Todds Leap

“The Health and Safety information is a great tool to help with the day to day admin required for health and safety all the information is there to help you stay up to date and then you can make them site-specific.”

Jeremy Sleet, No Accident

“It is absolutely fantastic how quickly you get back to me when I have a query. We are very pleased with the HR at Agora and Pay Adviser and thank you for all your help over the past year.”

Debbie Nickless, Finance & HR Manager, Snashall Steel Fabrications Ltd

“I have subscribed to Health & Safety Adviser for about 18 months now and have been continuously impressed with the quality and reader-friendly nature of the publication. The layout is clear, uncluttered, catches the eye and when read, delivers well on detail. I have found it very handy in my day-to-day work as it is easily referenced and never suffers from that ‘old-school stodge’ that the H&S sector used to be full of years ago. I intend to continue my subscription for the foreseeable future.”

John Rees, Health & Safety Manager, Celtic Energy Ltd

“I have just received the third of your publications after subscribing and I wanted to let you know how good they are. The words ‘breath of fresh air’ springs to mind. It’s great to have clearly written, informative and highly relevant articles without having to wade through pages of adverts and products. The format is ideal and can be easily filed for the team to refer to when required.”

Rosi Strasshine, Payroll Manager, Isos Housing Ltd

“As a Health & Safety Manager, it is important to have access to reliable and relevant information at all times. We have subscribed to Agora’s Health & Safety Adviser for several years now and I can honestly say, that without doubt it is the only publication that I rely on. Anyone working in this field will know that there is a lot of information out there – some is highly technical not always appropriate to the situation, whilst other sources are questionable at best. The Health & Safety Adviser pitches it just right – enough detail to satisfy the needs of Safety practitioners, whilst accessible enough to be helpful to those with a more basic understanding of the subject matter. What continues to amaze me is the relevance of the content which is written in a manner that is less theoretical, instead taking a more common sense approach that is applicable to everyday needs and a workplace that we can all relate to.

“One particular feature which has been very useful is the helpdesk. I must confess at first I doubted how effective this would be ( having had less favourable experiences from some major names in the safety field ), but this function enables a subscriber to email any specific questions to a safety expert. I have used the helpdesk several times now and the response has always been quick, well thought out and very detailed.

“I cannot recommend the Health & Safety Advisor highly enough to anyone working in Health & Safety. The overall package that a subscriber receives is excellent value for money and a crucial workplace tool. We will certainly be subscribing to other Agora publications in the near future.”

Stuart Hodgkiss Tech IOSH, Facilities Team Leader, Devon Wildlife Trust

“I have been in the role of Health and Safety Manager at work for two years and I am also a school governor responsible for health and safety at a local primary school. Whilst I have received training and obtained a qualification, training doesn’t provide you with ongoing support.
I received a free trial of Health & Safety Adviser and during that trial I contacted the Editorial Helpdesk a couple of times with specific questions.  This turned out to be an invaluable source of support for me so I have been a subscriber ever since.
The team who respond to questions sent to the helpdesk are prompt, comprehensive with their answers and write in layman’s terms which I find most helpful.  It has been especially helpful when suppliers have attempted to baffle me with regulatory reasons for excessive spending and, by using the helpdesk service, I have managed to get confirmation that I was right to challenge these recommendations which resulted in sustainable savings of public school funds.
My experience of the world of health and safety is there are many regulations that are down to interpretation or are lacking in detail and it is therefore really helpful to have a team of experts on hand to call upon when needed. ”

Tracey Tyerman, Health and Safety Manager, Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants

“I have found Agora Business to be a very responsive service, it is useful for me to be able to email my question about an HR issue as this saves me time hanging on the phone or waiting for an advisor to call me back, the information I receive is always thorough and makes sense.”

Cathy May, Assistant Director HR, Training & Recruitment, Cephas Alpha Group

“I was having difficulty accessing the documents that I needed so I contacted Customer Service to ask for help. I was quickly contacted by Neil, who looked into my problem and identified a system issue that was causing the problem. He came back to me and asked me to leave it with him for a while. A short time later Neill came back to me with my Log in details including a new password (which he advised I changed obviously) for me to log in and get the documents I needed. Neil was polite, efficient, kept me informed and delivered all round great customer service.”

Paul Wrighton, Health and Safety Manager, Luxury Leisure, Talarius Ltd & RAL Ltd

“I’ve subscribed to many publications in the past but Care Quality Matters is the only one I keep and go back to time after time. The format is easy to read, the topics are relevant and the downloads are extremely useful. We plan to follow some of the themes as guided discussions in our monthly managers meetings.”

Carol Haigh, Manager, Mencap

“Anyone that is involved in Payrolls will know that trying to navigate around HMRC website trying to locate concise information can be a nightmare. The information provided by the Agora publication and the “Ask The Experts” facility is second to none and saves me hours having to trawl through Online information.”

Julie Bright, YDP Ltd

“I have used Agora Health and Safety Adviser publications for a few years now and more recently took advantage of the online portal. This is an excellent resource and it is always the first place I go to when requiring any information regarding health and safety. The layout makes it easy to identify specific documents and to access the numerous risk assessments, policies and procedures that on other sites are difficult to find. I would highly recommend this publication, and do so when speaking with people within the health and safety field.”

Carl Fox, Subcontracts Monitoring and Liaison Officer, Springboard

“Useful and easily accessible service.”

Angela McLeod, Azimex