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Health & Safety Adviser

With checklists, risk assessments and Toolbox Talks, our documents help you take a systematic approach to ensuring a safe working environment for employees, contractors and visitors.

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Risk Assessment & Compliance

Get the right tools to create risk assessments that your employees will follow. The documents will help you engage and train your staff and successfully influence your senior management team.

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HR Adviser

Our documents will help you quickly, efficiently and legally comply with employment law. It will save hours in your working day, leaving you fully confident that you’re always doing the right thing.

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Mental Health Adviser

Browse through 100s of documents to help you meet your legal duty of care for your employees’ mental health and wellbeing, and ensure you are managing every situation correctly and legally.

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Care Quality Matters

Use our documents to help you provide the highest quality care and protect your service users – and staff – from harm. All documents help you comply with the CQC’s Fundamental Standards.

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Pay & Benefits Adviser

Documents to help you comply with payroll law and HMRC requirements. They help you avoid making expensive and time-consuming mistakes, providing immediate solutions to any payroll problem.

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