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Since 2006, Agora Business Publications has been providing specialist information services to companies and the public alike. We are committed to bringing expert insight to our audiences - presented without unnecessary jargon or distracting adverts – that is focused on practical application in the real world.

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I have just received the third of your publications after subscribing and I wanted to let you know how good they are. The words ‘breath of fresh air’ springs to mind. It’s great to have clearly written, informative and highly relevant articles without having to wade through pages of adverts and products. The format is ideal and can be easily filed for the team to refer to when required.

Rosi Strasshine,Payroll Manager, Isos Housing Ltd

I have subscribed to Health & Safety Adviser for about 18 months now and have been continuously impressed with the quality and reader-friendly nature of the publication. The layout is clear, uncluttered, catches the eye and when read, delivers well on detail. I have found it very handy in my day-to-day work as it is easily referenced and never suffers from that ‘old-school stodge’ that the H&S sector used to be full of years ago. I intend to continue my subscription for the foreseeable future.

John Rees,H&S Manager, Celtic Energy Ltd

I have found Health & Safety Adviser not only to be very informative but also an exceptional prompting tool for items that may have fallen off the radar. Its concise no-nonsense approach makes for easy reading and I would recommend the publication to anyone in a Health and Safety role. I have started to use the downloadable information that is easily accessible and this has saved a great deal of time producing checklists, policies, etc. I have recently used the editorial helpdesk for guidance on a subject and was very impressed with the timely response and the detail that was included. The best recommendation I can give is that I will be continue to use this product…. well done.

David Wade,H&S Adviser, Millfield School

Having raised the H & S Performance at all sites in the Group, with the help from contracted consultants and training, we considered that we could proceed without the consultants, however, there would always be occasions when I needed to have another source of advice to ensure that I had not missed something significant that could make all the difference when informing the Board. Being a standalone Safety Adviser within a Group of high risk sites I need to be confident that I have had professional and competent advice. I am very pleased to say that the support I have received from the Health & Safety Adviser and, especially the Editorial Helpdesk has been invaluable. I have found the quality of the advice and speed of the written response excellent. The publication and website are excellent and very reasonably priced. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who may have H&S responsibilities within their organisation.

Ian Kidd,Group QHSE Manager and DGSA, Potter Logistics

It is absolutely fantastic how quickly you get back to me when I have a query. We are very pleased with the HR at Agora and Pay Adviser and thank you for all your help over the past year

Debbie Nickless,Finance and HR Manager, Snashall Steel Fabrications Ltd

I just wanted to let you know how helpful I find Health & Safety Adviser. I look after a mixture of properties in different towns (retail, commercial and residential) and each property can throw up its own challenge. It could be ensuring that your contractors provide satisfactory Method Statements and abide by them or it could be encouraging staff at remote locations to adopt a better attitude with regard to health and safety. For example, certain articles help me to have a better understanding of what is required from contractors we appoint and indeed from us as landlords, and others I can circulate to staff to help them appreciate the importance of training, using the correct PPE etc., I also find Your Questions and Answers particularly helpful and informative. Makes me realise I am not out there on my own!

Sue Maszkowski ,Property & Facilities Manager, Town Centre Securities PLC


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