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Care Quality Matters helps Registered Managers to provide the best quality care to ensure they pass their CQC inspections, by giving actionable, step-by-step advice using the systematic Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle. Care Quality Matters will help you implement highly effective care quality measures very quickly, very efficiently, and with all the correct documentation in place.

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By focusing on the satisfaction of not only your clients and their family but also of your staff and the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we provide you with all the professional assistance you need to fit more efficient care quality management hours into your working day. Monthly updates make sure that you are never in the dark about what new developments mean for your business.

Plus, every other month Care Quality Matters dives deep into one particular subject in its highly popular Special issues.

Every issue contains checklists, sample letters, model policies and more – all of which are white-labelled for you to download and re-use from our exclusive online Members’ Area.

Care Quality Matters will also save you money, by relieving you of the need for expensive consultant fees. Any questions about your business and its social care concerns can be directed to editor-in-chief, Kim Grove, who will personally feed back within 48 hours. This is an unlimited service that is an inclusive part of what all Care Quality Matters subscribers receive!

About the Editor

Kim Grove has worked in the health and social care field for more than 33 years, from being a nurse to a NHS Quality Assurance Co-ordinator. She now provides training, runs workshops and writes resources for industry care associations, such as the UK Home Care Association.


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