Data Protection for Employees Handbook

With the vast majority of data breaches being down to human error, use this concise handbook to give to your employees which outlines everything they need to know about GDPR. It will boost the effectiveness of your staff training programme, helping you to explain the crucial role your employees play in keeping your company GDPR-compliant, and preventing a potentially devastating data breach.

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With this handbook you can quickly and easily train your employees on everything they need to know about data protection and the GDPR.

It will help reduce the risk of human error which is the prime source of costly and reputation-damaging data breaches. (In a recent survey by Bluesource, 60% of senior IT executives viewed their employees as their biggest threat to GDPR compliance.)

It will save you time, as all the essential information on data protection is in one place, so you don’t have to create in-depth training materials from scratch.

Your employees will receive answers to the most commonly asked questions about data protection, data processing and use of personal data under GDPR.


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