Living Better with Arthritis

Living Better With Arthritis is the UK version of the well-known German publication ‘Besser Leben mit Arthrose’. For years, thousands of subscribers across the German-speaking world have relied upon the insight and experience of editor-in-chief Gabriela Schwarz. 

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Every monthly issue contains a unique blend of exercises, nutrition tips, recipes and insight into supplements – all aimed at managing the pain of arthritis without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Regular special issues go into depth on particular topics.

Digital subscribers also get access to an online archive of articles, covering a vast range of topics available nowhere else in the English language.

About the Editor

Gabriela Schwarz has suffered for years with polyarthritis.

“I had almost come to terms with my fate when one evening I said to myself: I do not want to be dependent on medication or have to endure one operation after another for life.”

People are often surprised when they hear that Gabriela Schwarz lives her life well without painkillers. Over time, she has become an authority on osteoarthritis. She knows the most effective ways to effectively treat osteoarthritis naturally, the most efficient cartilage-restoring exercises, and the most effective recipes for joint pain.

Since Gabriela has already tried everything, she knows what really works and what does not.


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