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HR Adviser helps HR Managers and HR professionals keep up-to-date with all the changes to employment law, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employment lawyer. And all in just 15 minutes reading per month!

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HR Adviser gives you easy-to-digest updates of all the latest HR and employment law requirements and developments in the field. No matter what questions your management put to you, no matter what problems you are asked to solve concerning HR, you will always have the answers you need, immediately at your fingertips. Monthly updates make sure that you are never in the dark about what new developments mean for your business.

Plus, every other month HR Adviser dives deep into one particular subject in its highly popular Special issues.

Every issue contains checklists, sample letters, model policies and more – all of which are white-labelled for you to download and re-use from our exclusive online Members’ Area.

HR Adviser will also save you money, by relieving you of the need for expensive consultant fees. Any questions about your business and its HR concerns can be directed to editor-in-chief Jackie Le Poidevin, who will personally feedback within 48 hours. This is an unlimited service that is an inclusive part of what all HR Adviser subscribers receive.

About the Editor

Jackie Le Poidevin is a freelance editor and journalist specialising in workplace issues. She has written extensively for various business and legal journals, magazines, newsletters and books, covering topics such as employment law, HR, health and safety, occupational health, employee wellbeing, flexible working and premises management. She has a first-class degree in English Literature from Durham University.

For the past 18 years, one of her roles has been to commission and edit analysis from the UK’s top employment lawyers of the latest legal developments and case law. This has put her in a good position to understand the intricacies of the law in this area, the pressure that continual change is putting on employers and their need for clear, actionable advice. As editor-in-chief of HR Adviser, her goal is to keep you up to date with key changes and provide practical guidance in plain English, however tricky the topic.


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