Inclusion in Focus

Practical Tips and Advice on SEND, Quality First Teaching and Inclusive Practice for Teachers

Inclusion in Focus

Inclusion in Focus is an advisory service tailored especially for teachers.  You will always get the latest information, aids and tips that you can use to optimally teach children, as well as include and encourage students in need of extra help to participate in your lessons.

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Inclusion in Focus keeps you up to date with the latest best practice inclusion techniques and offers simple, time-saving solutions by providing you with step-by-step advice, ready-made forms, procedures and checklists.

You’ll be able to spend less time on researching and administration, and more time on teaching, leading and encouraging your pupils to participate in lessons with this monthly publication.

Each month, Inclusion in Focus will bring you:

  • Concise articles that give you clear and practical advice on important measures you can take to ensure you implement the most effective inclusion strategies within your classroom.
  • Ready-made checklists, policies, forms and guidelines that can be distributed to help you and your training assistants plan and organize your inclusive lessons.
  • Important changes and developments to the SEND Code of Practice and Department of Education recommendations
  • Real life case studies and best practice of successful schools – and what you can learn from them.

And, you’ll have access to the Inclusion in Focus Helpdesk, which you can email with all of your SEND and inclusion questions.

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Your Benefits

  • Learn from Best practice – discover the best inclusion practices that other successful schools are employing
  • Inclusion techniques: every month we will bring you the latest methods and practices of how to effectively include and engage your pupils
  • Working with parents, colleagues and partners – we will show you how to develop successful collaboration strategies
  • Identifying and adopting the most effective teaching methods to enable you to monitor and teach skills that will develop your pupils’ ability to work independently
  • Dealing with tricky issues such as obtaining the funding you need
  • The SEND Code of Practice – gives you up-to-date advice on new regulations, provisions and framework affecting schools and actionable solutions.
  • News and events concerning inclusion that will keep you up to date on debates and know-how


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