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Discover step-by-step advice, checklists and sample policies for HR Managers, HR professionals and business owners. In just 15 minutes reading per month, you’ll be kept up to date with all the changes to employment law, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employment lawyer. No matter where you are!

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When you’re making HR decisions, you’re carrying an enormous responsibility. A single mistake can be all it takes to lose a significant amount of money in an Employment Tribunal, to damage the good reputation of your company – or even the loyalty of your employees.

HR Adviser Online will help protect you from these hazards, giving you total confidence you are completing all of your HR tasks correctly and by the book. In only 8 pages each month, you’ll find all of the latest changes to HR and employment law, read all the latest cases and discover what they mean for you. All delivered directly to your inbox, so you can read it any place at any time.

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Each month you’ll receive HR Adviser via email which will keep you up to date on:

  • The latest changes to HR and employment law
  • How to comply with current legislation
  • Valuable tips for successful employee management

You will receive specific recommendations for implementation, practical tips and advice to save your company money and all the tools to carry out your HR tasks:

  • All the crucial information in one compact email
  • You can share your newsletter by forwarding to colleagues  
  • Immediate access to all checklists, sample letters and policy documents within the PDF newsletter
  • Read HR Adviser online anywhere, any time

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About the Author

Jackie Le Poidevin is a freelance editor and journalist specialising in workplace issues. She has written extensively for various business and legal journals, magazines, newsletters and books, covering topics such as employment law, HR, health and safety, occupational health, employee wellbeing, flexible working and premises management. She has a first-class degree in English Literature from Durham University.

For the past 18 years, one of her roles has been to commission and edit analysis from the UK’s top employment lawyers of the latest legal developments and case law. This has put her in a good position to understand the intricacies of the law in this area, the pressure that continual change is putting on employers and their need for clear, actionable advice. As editor-in-chief of HR Adviser, her goal is to keep you up to date with key changes and provide practical guidance in plain English, however tricky the topic.

Your Benefits

  • You’ll always be 100% up to date with important changes and developments in HR and Employment Legislation.
  • Easy-to-use forms and checklists for effective HR management all available within your .pdf issue.
  • HR Adviser Online will remove all those legal ‘grey areas’ for you, so you can manage your employees effectively and be safe in the knowledge that you are acting within the law.


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