Accident Prevention at Work CD-ROM and Booklet 2018

Up-to-date Information and Guidance for the Training of New Employees in Your Workplace

Accident Prevention at Work CD-ROM and Booklet 2018

The Accident Prevention at Work CD-ROM 2018 is your ultimate resource for teaching health and safety to new employees. It’s packed with all the information you need – including presentations, special reports and checklists – to help ensure accident prevention is at the forefront of your employees’ minds.

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It is quite scary to consider that most of the accidents that happen at work are not caused by faulty machinery or technical failures. Instead, accidents are most often caused by human errors, poor communication and people trying to find shortcuts.

Therefore, health and safety training for your new workers is the most important weapon against workplace accidents. Take advantage of the ready-made training presentations and collection of handy checklists and forms to bring employees up to speed and keep them informed on the risks they face.

The 34-slide accident prevention presentation features specially drawn cartoons that use humour to make sure its messages are compelling and memorable. Topics include:

  • Proper Use of Machinery
  • Rules for Handling Hazardous Materials
  • Wearing Protective Clothing
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Tips
  • Using Ladders Safely
  • Shift Work and Managing Tiredness 
  • Correct Manual Handling Techniques 
  • Safe Methods of Working with Electricity 

The CD-ROM also comes with an additional Accident Prevention at Work booklet which reinforces the messages and brings hazard awareness alive.

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Your Benefits

  • 5 ready-made training presentations on: Accident Prevention, Work at Height, Manual Handling, Accident Reporting and Risk Assessment
  • 10 Special Reports: topics include ‘Accident Liability’, ‘CDM 2015’ and ‘Machine Safety’, as well as the new Special Report – ‘Learning from Recent Cases’, which summarises the penalties and the practical lessons you can learn from the most important recent health and safety cases
  • Useful work aids such as checklists, sample forms and factsheets


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