Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a widely experienced and pragmatic health and safety professional and presenter/trainer. A former HSE Inspector specialising in the construction industry, he is a Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner.

Jackie Le Poidevin

Jackie Le Poidevin is a freelance editor and journalist specialising in workplace issues. She has written extensively for various business and legal journals, magazines, newsletters and books, covering topics such as employment law, HR, health and safety, occupational health, employee wellbeing, flexible working and premises management. She has a first-class degree in English Literature from Durham University.

Sarah Bradford

Sarah Bradford is a well-respected tax consultant and tax technical writer.

She is the director of WriteTax, a company that provides services in employment taxes, payroll and NI contributions.

She has written several books and contributes to many tax-related newsletters and commentaries.

Kim Grove

Kim Grove has worked in the health and social care field for more than 33 years, from being a nurse to a NHS Quality Assurance Co-ordinator. She now provides training, runs workshops and writes resources for industry care associations, such as the UK Home Care Association.

Linda Crossland-Clarke

Linda Crossland-Clarke is an occupational health and safety consultant, specialising in risk assessment and health & safety training. With 20 years’ experience in the field, she believes in taking a pragmatic approach to risk assessment. Linda is a Chartered Fellow of IOSH.

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